SAHM ManufacturingThe products we sell at Journey Home are mostly all sewn by refugee moms who are part of a sewing cooperative in Charlotte, NC. The ladies meet several times a month to learn new sewing skills and create new products. Some of the items they make during this time are then given to Journey Home and listed on our Etsy site (and now will be on our new online store! Woot! Woot!). 

But because class only meets a few times a month, this limits how much the business can sell. It makes it hard to do custom orders and really hard to handle larger wholesale orders. This summer, the management team here at Journey Home began to explore a new concept, at least for us: stay at home mom manufacturing, or for short, SAHM manufacturing. 

Now there are plenty of independent craft sellers who work from home. But how many of these employ multiple people, all who work out of their homes? Companies like Upwork have enabled many a SAHM to work in tech, accounting, writing, etc. The next frontier? It just might be sewing. 

North Carolina (and the South in general) is beginning to see an upswing in textile production and industrial sewing as companies like American Giant and Lolly Wolly Doodle take off. Could this work in a home setting for small batch orders? 

We don't have the answers to that. But we're exploring the possibilities! We want to create sustainable economic opportunities for refugee moms who are here in the Carolinas. This just might be the ticket. Stay tuned...

If you've got thoughts on this subject, chime in! We're totally in research phase and are just trying to get the conversation started.

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  • Geraldiine
    Geraldiine Thursday, 18 February 2016 12:37 Comment Link Report

    Good afternoon. I saw your post and knew that I HAD to cnmmeot. First off, GREAT JOB for being able to do both. Secondly, I am also a SAHM and business owner. I own 3 businesses and juggle daily to keep up with it all. I get questioned often about being a SAHM who owns businesses and it bothers me as well. I guess the reason that it bothers me is because of how people say it. When I talk with someone who starts a company or who owns their own company, I tend to say Congratulations! or Good for you! Follow your dreams! . When someone finds out that I own businesses and am a SAHM, the reply is more of a Um Ok ? How can you be both? reaction. What a lot of it comes down to, IMHO, is that some people would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to be a SAHM and business owner or SAHM period and they might not be able to afford it (or have other reasons for not being a SAHM) OR they honestly don't understand how you can care for a child(ren) while running a company. Either way, I wish that people would understand that it is more and more common for a woman to be a SAHM and be a business owner and/or work from home.~ M

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