We've learned (the hard way) that selling products cheaply is counter productive to our ultimate goal. 

In the beginning of our business venture, sales was the word of the day. We wanted to sell as much as possible, no matter how low the price had to be. And then, reality hit.

It didn't take long to learn that a business won't long survive when it's trying to pay living wages, increase product quality, handle the IRS tax bill and invest in infrastructure. All these items cost money. And business sustainability doesn't come from selling purses cheaply. Now at Journey Home, we’ve decided to focus on profit. Why? Because it’s profit that can produce a sustainable venture. And there’s a need for that beyond just keeping our business afloat!


The Tea Wallet = Opportunity 

Ask anyone who works in the refugee communities, and they’ll tell you that finding good employment is a continuing challenge. In many refugee families, the men work very hard in jobs that require long hours and provide little pay. The men want to learn English and get skills-training to increase their earning potential...but they just can’t. Their employers won’t give them time off and the 12-hour days leave the guys physically and mentally exhausted.

That’s why our goal at Journey Home is to empower the stay at home wives and mothers to earn income. We want them to be able to produce and sell products, providing some financial breathing room for their families. We want them to experience the joy which arises from creative labors. We want them to have the encouragement of seeing how their gifts and skills can produce income.

The Sustainable Business Plan Clutch

We also want to encourage and support other like-minded companies in the Charlotte area who are creating sustainable, profitable social-good companies. We’re thankful for how local companies like Upcycle are providing opportunity for vulnerable populations through business ventures. So here’s to earning a profit. And here’s to entrepreneurs who have a vision for the long-term good that such profit can bring.

You can be a part of our story! Head over to to support our vision of sustainable, living wage work for moms in Charlotte.

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