What do you do when you’ve got seven students (and all their children) and seven sewing machines and three irons… and no electricity? In February? You pray for wisdom!

Photo by Kevin Dooley, used under a Creative Commons license.

That was our unexpected scenario for sewing class this week. A storm on Wednesday had knocked out power to the building we use on Fridays.

As we scurried to do our usual set-up prior to class, it became obvious that we were not going to be able. Our machines run on electricity. And then there’s heat and light, which are pretty important, too. The ladies were already arriving so there was no time to call and cancel class.

What to do? The answer became clear. We packed it up and went to another location that God had provided just weeks ago. Did you catch that? Just weeks ago, at the beginning of the month! Seven students and all their children, five volunteers and children, toys and crafts, sewing machines, bags, cutting boards, irons, fabric and tools were loaded up and caravanned down the road. We had somewhere to go. We did not have to cancel.

God has been mightily at work with the Make Welcome sewing classes. Since the beginning of February, we have grown from having class three days a month to THREE CLASSES A WEEK! Two classes are at a new location and one is at our old location. And we have waiting lists. It’s been quite an adjustment and not without challenges. It was unexpected, sudden growth. But God knew. He prepared the way, both for our increase and for our Friday non-fiasco.

Will you join us in thanks and in prayers for wisdom? We earnestly seek His will as we evaluate all areas of this ministry, from locations to volunteers, from devotionals to projects, from investing in people to teaching about finances, to things we have yet to encounter or even consider. In all things, may we Make Welcome!

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